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10 more days until Christmas!

Most schools will be off for the holidays tomorrow, but lucky me....we go to school until the 23rd. >_<  I plan on going to Japan again for winter break.  I will be there for two weeks.  Looking at my schedule, looks like I will be able to spend, maybe, 3 days with my family?! >_<

Here is my schedule as of today:

December 24: Nagoya, Kanjani Eight
December 25: Dinner with L san! ^_^v
December 26: Osaka, Kinki Kids  (I have an extra ticket if anyone wants to go.)
December 27: Nagoya, TegoMasu (I have an extra ticket, but it is tachimi)
December 28: Nagoya. TegoMasu
December 29: Osaka, Kanjani Eight
December 30: Tokyo, FIVE and Kinki Kids
December 31: Osaka, Kanjani Eight (2 shows)
January 1: Tokyo, Kinki Kids
January 2: Tokyo, Takizawa Kakumei
January 3: Osaka. Kanju Akeome
January 4: Tokyo, Takizawa Kakumei
January 7: Yokohama, Jin Fan Event

NewS won't be the same

I am not sure how I feel about Ryo and YamaPi leaving NewS. I knew that it was coming though. It has been a year since NewS had done anything...

I know many people will be upset and that is understandable, but it is what it is. I am just going to hate people who will now hate YamaPi and Ryo for leaving NewS. Probably not to the extent of how people turned on Jin... People are entitled to their own opinion. Of course there will people who will overjoyed that both Ryo and Pi left.

I am so happy that I went to Japan last year to see NewS in their now last concert as a six man group. I wonder how the remaining four feel about it. I think Koyama would be the most sad. :(

As a person who likes pretty much all Johnny's I will continue to support them all. :)

Maybe this will mean that K8 will have more tours. :)

Note to self

Write Kisumai reports and Arashi reports.

Tickets - 0号室の客

I have two tickets available for Koyama's play on November 22nd. Show is at 19:00.


We have extra NEWS Tokyo Dome tickets available.  They are for Saturday and for Monday(9/25 and 9/27).  Please let me know if you know anyone who might be interested. Prices are negotiable!!!

Update ... not really

I thought I would update my last couple of weeks in Japan, but I am too lazy to write anything write now. :(

Wonderful World

I wish the picture was little bigger!


Cast list is out for Tackey Kabuki:

屋良朝幸 (Yara Tomoyuki)


Happy about Yara and A.B.C.-Z ^_^

I am interested to see what Tackey is going to do. Should be interesting.

Still have extra tickets!!! No one wants to go with me?! ^_^

It wouldn't be a trip to Japan without extra tickets...

Kis My Ft 2 April 4 Fukuoka 1 ticket
Tackey Kabuki April 6, 18:00 show. (Tokyo) 2 tickets

If you want to go or know anyone who wants to go, please let me know by commenting or messaging me.

Depending on results for HSJ and Yoko, I may have more tickets available.